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Brian Gillis & Sisuepahn

Brian Gillis & Sissuepahn

The sexy duo of Brian Gillis & Sisuepahn have been fascinating audiences with a mind-blowing blend of mental acrobatics, mind-power demonstrations and physical feats that defy the laws of physics. Their show is highly interactive; fast-paced, frighteningly mystifying and punctuated with perfectly timed comedy. The impact is powerful, the wonder is unsettling and the laughter is nonstop!

Brian has acquired an impressive list of credits including film and is an eight-time nominee for Magician of the Year by the famed Academy of Magical Arts (Academy Awards of Magic). He has also been named World's Best Close-Up Magician for the New Millennium.

Sisuepahn has mastered mind-power/body-magic techniques that have not been witnessed in more than a century.

Brian and Sisuepahn have developed a reputation as the "Entertainers to the Stars" stemming from their popularity with the Hollywood elite. They work from outside the realm of traditional magic or mentalism. They don't use props and they achieve dimension in the show because they actively involve various audience members in their demonstrations.

Brian and Sisuepahn have created a show that is as strong in intimate settings as it is in a full Vegas showroom; a show that is designed for a new generation of enlightened audiences who love to be challenged, entertained, seduced and provoked.

Clients rave about this act! Entertainment suppliers & event planners book them because their clients enjoy this act. Affordable, yet they are one of the very best magic acts!


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