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CIRQUE Acts & Shows


Ribbon Aerialists

Dragon Fly!
Stilt Characters

American Acrobats

American Acrobats


Aerialists Extrordinare!

Aerialist Extraordinary

Gril In a Bubble 1 Girl In a Bubble 2
Bubble Dance & Gymnastics!!

Flying Mermaid
  Stilt Group

Contortionist Miao Miao

The most amazing acts performing the seemingly impossible make up the exciting world that is known as CIRQUE!

Byway Events & Entertainment can design an act or a show to suit any taste or any situation.

We are proud to be associated with Michael McPherson’s LUMINAIRE and can present a CIRQUE show designed especially to fit your budget and your guests.

Please call us to discuss your entertainment needs!

Videos are available on all acts.

Always Great Shows!

CIRQUE Silk Acts!

CIRQUE Single-rope Acts!

CIRQUE Synergy!


"Quality Is NEVER an Accident,
it is always the result of Intelligent effort!"
-John Ruskin