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"Island Fever"

Your chest is pounding, your forehead is beaded with sweat,
but it's not the heat, it's " Island Fever".
You are standing at the entrance of a well preserved Tropical Island Ruin.
Welcoming you are two colossal stone columns covered with moss, creeping vines and jungle greens.

In the distance you hear the exciting sounds of the Calypso Steel Drums. As you pass through the columns the room opens to an enchanting archeological discovery. At the far end a Stone Temple glowing in amber light dominates the scene. Around the perimeter tall ruin columns fight to hold their space among the jungle plants all accented in a fiery amber light. To cool down your fever, head for the palm thatched "Island Juice Bar" for a dose of "Quinine" or a "Pina Colada".

The tables and chairs are draped in colorful tropical prints topped with a 3' palm tree guarded by a Island statue or an arrangement of the season's finest exotic florals.

Now that you have lowered your fever and nourished your body it's time to reunite your soul with the musical beat and swing over to the Island Boogie dance floor and dance the night away. The beat goes on among the hanging vines, tropical accents and lighting.

Island Fever Entrance

Island Fever Temple

Tropical Buffet

Tropical Beach Party

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