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Paul Casey's American Trilogy

A multi-media show with audio, video, live musicians and personal appearances with:
Sonny West, Elvis' personal bodyguard,
Ed Bonja
, Tour manager and Official Photographer and
The Sweet Inspirations, Elvis' backup singers
recreating the musical career of Elvis Presley.

The Production is divided into three parts:

1. Show Special Performance Events

2. Memorabilia Display

3. Merchandise

A multi-media show with audio, video, live musicians and
recreating the musical career of Elvis Presley from 1954 thru 1977.
The show is divided into three parts: 1950's, 1960's and 1970's

Personal memories shared by Elvis' entourage (3 members)
*Special Appearances by Guests

Musical performances by Elvis' musicians (3 eras)

Multi media presentation (3 types - musical, photographs, video)

*Special Performance Events (Semi-annual week long performance celebrations January/August)

Paul Casey's Elvis Presley brings him back to life!

Memorabilia Display
Collection of photographs, personal belongings and memorabilia of Elvis and the cast members

1950's Elvis rise to 'stardom'

1960's Movies and return to Live Performances ('68 NBC TV Show)

1970's On Tour and related shows

Show related items at venue
American Trilogy Show Merchandise

'Elvis' performs music from each of the three eras starting with 1968 Comeback. 'Elvis' introduces the Sweet Inspirations. The Sweet Inspirations perform with 'Elvis.'

At the end of the opening musical performance, Ed Bonja and Sonny West appear for the first time on stage, interact talking about their personal experiences with Elvis Presley from 1950's in Memphis, TV appearances, Gospel roots and Concert era. They remain on stage while 'Elvis' performs and their staging is blocked. They will be standing, seated and move about thru the show.

His stories segue musical performances and costume changes introducing each 'Elvis' performance. While he is telling his stories, media is played and memorabilia placed inside the showroom is used to support his stories, and lighted when referenced to particular story and era.

Each conversation is a segue for a musical performance.

The show concludes with 'Elvis' singing patriotic anthem
'AMERICAN TRILOGY' (songs consist of Battle Hymn of the Republic, All My Trials, Dixie).

Lighting effects simulating a fireworks display accompanied with media retrospect of Elvis' life. 'Elvis' concludes song on top tier of stage platform with arms stretched out revealing American Eagle Cape with music crescendo.

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