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Variety Acts

Terrell & Takako
Family Entertainment

Terrell & Takako Hayes perform a unique and entertaining blend of Juggling, mime, unicycling, clowning, Origami (Paperfolding) –
popular with all ages!

Video Clip

Ventriloquist - Ken Karter

Comedy ventriloquist with a
fun-filled specialty act that is
perfect for conventions,
family shows and whatever
unique entertainment is needed.
Forty-five minute shows or walk-around entertainment...
and his lips never move!

Have you ever wondered what your favorite piece of music looks like -
You can - through the eyes and artistic hands of
Jim Stallings Artwork!

Recently Jim was hired by a corporate client to create a piece of art which now hangs in the foyer of their offices. Jim invited guests from the audience to place a brush stroke in any color
on the canvas and then to the music of a jazz trio he created this unique piece of art!

Jim has captivated the sounds of a symphony orchestra on canvas in front of large crowds......
truly amazing creation.

If you are looking for something creative and different for your next event then lets talk about

The Three Waiters

Imagine if during your next function, one of the drink waiters bursts out a huge operatic note initiating thunderous applause.....
then promptly returns to his duties.

A short time later, a competitive second waiter decides to join the stage resulting in a singing duel that includes anything from
Pavarotti to Dean Martin or
Andrew Lloyd Webber to Puccini.

But the real fun is only just beginning.
To the further surprise of the audience...
a third waiter “gate crashes” and the performance concludes in true
' Three Tenors’ style.

Michelle Harrell-
'Living' Statues

She does move but we bet you
don’t have the patience
to stand there and wait!
A wonderful way to decorate a room! Many characters/costumes
from which to choose.
Michelle performs as a living statue all over the country for special events, trade shows and fairs.
In addition to her
statue performances,
Michelle also performs with her expertly trained trick poodles.
Great family show!


Melon Head

Melon Head is an act who brings his own table with a cut-out for his head to be displayed in green along with fruits and vegetables on the buffet.
See your guests act with astonishment when the melon winks or makes clever remarks as the guests fill their plates!

The Wacky Waiter!

This will certainly be the ice breaker you’ve been looking for!

Poi Boys

Lou Wow & The Poi Boys,
a wacky novelty-band-on-stilts,
will stop any show!
The multi-talented group play trombone, trumpets, accordion, sousaphone, banjo and percussion while teetering high above the crowd.
Their show combines music, juggling, escapism & escapes
as well as their
trademark stilt-walking!

"Quality Is NEVER an Accident,
it is always the result of Intelligent effort!"
-John Ruskin