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The Zippers

The 12-piece Zippers!
The 7-piece Zippers!


Talented and impassioned entertainers with enormous talent!

THE ZIPPERS- A World Class Show Band
Since their beginning as champions on Ed McMahon's StarSearch, the Zippers have become America's favorite corporate entertainment, performing to rave audiences the world over.
Now featuring the addition of two incredibly talented female vocalists, the Zippers have achieved a new level which could only be described as spectacular.
With the option of adding three more horns to create an amazing 5-piece horn section, this newly expanded super-group is a knockout for even the largest of events.

The Zippers show is an exciting combination of classic rock and R & B, Motown and disco, swing and standards, plus all the most up-to-date dance music, always performed in an entertaining way that is uniquely their own. They are flashy, energetic, funny, and guaranteed to make you want to dance all night long.

One of the keys to the Zippers' phenomenal success is their ability to custom tailor their shows to your event. Whether it means a special theme song or a completely custom tailored theme party, underscoring an award ceremony or providing original music, the Zippers do it all.

Specialty shows such as the Swingin' 40's, the Rockin' 50's, the Psychedelic 60's, Seventies Disco, the Motown Years, the Blues Brothers and others, highlighted by costumes and choreography, can take you through a musical journey, or add a special flavor to your theme party. Their non-stop energy and audience interaction make every show an event to remember.

"Quality Is NEVER an Accident,
it is always the result of Intelligent effort!"
-John Ruskin